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Life Histories:

Rulon A. Hillam

Marlene Rice Hillam

Others on hillam.net


Our Pedigree, as it is entered into Ancestral File, the Church’s pedigree database:

Dad’s Side

Mom’s Side (Starting with Grandpa Rice’s parents)

Our Nauvoo Connections:

More information on this is forthcoming.

In the meantime, here is the Edward Hunter issue in a nutshell: There were TWO Edward Hunters in Nauvoo. One was married in Nauvoo in 1842. He was Chloe Hunter’s Grandfather, so we are his direct descendant. He came across the plains and died in Toele, UT.

However, there is another Edward Hunter from the Nauvoo period who is much more famous. This Edward Hunter was a wealthy Pennsylvania businessman. He moved to Nauvoo at the beckoning of Joseph Smith. He became a loyal friend of the Prophet, and was the third presiding bishop of the Church. It was in his house that the 128th section of the Doctrine and Covenants was recorded.  As Melanie explained, we are direct descendents of his brother, William. William is our Edward Hunter’s father. So our Edward Hunter is the nephew of the famous Edward Hunter, but both of them lived in Nauvoo! Clear as mud? I’ll provide more dates and details later.

Regarding the Hillam Surname:

1. There are two separate Hillam lines -- two large groups who arrived at the surname independently. We are the "Bradford Hillams," and there are still Bradford Hillams living there today. One named David chimed in on the hillam.net guestbook just recently. The other Hillam line is also from England. Their last name was originaly "Elam," but through time it evolved into "Hillam" (This is probably true of our line as well -- there are several unanswered questions concerning that). A very prominent dentist (periodontist), also named David Hillam, is my liason for this "Non-Bradford" line.

2. Within the Bradford line, we know of major branches in England, the U.S., and Australia. Each of them go back to one David and Sarah Hillam.

3. There are myriad Hillam names that go back farther than David and Sarah, but we don't currently know how to link them in, or which Hillam line they belong to. I think the answer very likely lies in the names from the same time and locale with phonetically similar last names, including "Halam" and "Helam." In fact, this spelling issue is a major reason why Catherine Hillam and her Australian posterity was unknown to us until we came in contact with the book, "The Descendants of John and Nancy Hillam in Australia." Sometime soon, I'll try and create a flowchart of the big picture as we currently know it.

Pictures and Sound:

- Pictures: for current ancestral pictures, click here. I'll be adding Nina's pictures to this site.

- Sound clips: You can hear several sound clips at hillam.net. I have many, many more such sound clips, but lack the connection speed and server space to accomodate them. I am hoping that by next Christmas, I will have a lot of them ready on CD. They include an interview with Grandpa Rice, as well as his entire funeral.

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