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Carthage, Illinois (BH): We had a double birthday bash for Mom and Camille, on July 5, 2003.

Mom threatens Camille during meal preparation to “get it right.”  Just kidding, Mom. I couldn’t resist.

We had a feast of brown rice, tomatoes, black beans, etc. Kind of a taco salad. Neal and Grant didn’t really eat too much of it, because they were stuffed to the gills from Dairy Queen ice cream… Dad and I took them for a walk while Mom and Camille were preparing dinner, and we just couldn’t resist the temptation to go to dairy queen. Our dinner was in the basement of the jail, as you can plainly see in the picture below.

Well, not really. It was in the basement of Mom and Dad’s house. It was so hot that this was the best place to be!

Here’s the cake we ate. Clara wanted to know where the pink cake was, but she was still happy about this one once she realized that the strawberries had a lot of pink in them.

Grandma led the happy birthday song. Navigating everyone through the “happy birthday to Grandma Hillam and Camille” part was especially tricky, but we did it.

Jenny gave Mom a Sheri Dew book, “No Doubt About it.”

Camille received a set of girlie bath-time lotions. Mom told her it was so she could “escape from things.” What things? Are the kids and I that bad? J Oh well. Hope she enjoys it.

Then, Dianne gave Mom a provocative set of girlie bath-time lotion from Victoria’s Secret.

Even more provocative, however, was the spaghetti strap dress. (?) Mom wasn’t sure where to wear it. Maybe one of those Mississippi gambling boats on a P-day? Thanks, Dianne!

Dad gave Mom a beautiful Chad Hawkins plate depicting the “star” windows that go around the top of the Nauvoo temple.

It was a nice birthday party. We had a great time. Happy Birthday to Mom and Camille!


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