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Carthage, Illinois (BH): We had a wonderful visit with Mom and Dad on the weekend of July 4th and 5th.

Highlights included picnics, catching fireflies, fireworks, running through sprinklers, and learning more about our Nauvoo ancestors. It was a great time. Our visit culminated with a double birthday party for Mom (July 6) and Camille (July 8).

I don’t have pictures from the evening of the fourth. The visitor center grounds were empty, though, so we were able to set up chairs and watch the fireworks. Carthage put on an excellent fireworks show at the nearby high school.  The kids filled plastic bags with fireflies while we waited for the show to begin. They had a great time.

 “X games” Clara enjoys an adrenaline rush while hanging on the back porch. She’ll be a great ski jumper in the future.

Clara, Neal, and Grant, posing reverently at the visitor’s center. This was an extremely hot day. Shortly after this picture was taken, the sprinklers around the back porch came on. These guys had no choice but go through them – many, many times. They had a hoot. Neal was good enough to stay pretty dry, but his younger siblings played the “I’m too young to conscientiously follow the instructions you gave me to not run through the sprinklers” card. It worked.

Here are Clara and Grant drying off in the back yard, while Neal gives them moral support.

Meanwhile, Grandpa and Ben had a “stare down.” Both won.

Two changes of clothes later, we started the double birthday party in the basement. It was a great day – thanks, Grandma and Grandpa!


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