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Mom and Dad’s mission letters to the family, starting from the time they received their call:

> D-Day and Counting January 21, 2003

> Activities Report February 22, 2003


Dear family and friends


Just a note to let you know we passed our interview with the Stake President tonight  and our missionary application will be in the mail tomorrow.  What a scarey thought ! The date is also significant in that it was 50 years ago yesterday that I was released from my mission in the south and started home with Dad and two other missionaries and all our luggage which wasn't very much in our car. We listened to the inauguration speech of Pres.Eisenhower on  a little tiny tv and got in our car and left for home from Hattisburg , Mississippi.We drove straight thru, which means it was Jan 23 when I first met Marlene at the Y before I got home.She was really anxious and it didn't take her long to convert me.!!!


Anyway we are anxious to find out where we might be sent but confident that some body up there or down there knows where we may be needed.We appreciate all your interest and support. There seems to be a lot of people who are anxious to get us out of town. We will keep you posted.


Love       Rulon and Marlene


Dear Friends and family


Just a note to let you know we are thinking of you and hoping you are all well and happy this Saturday morning. We are busy trying to think of what to worry about and get ready for our mission call to the Illinois Nauvoo mission, entering the MTC I guess for language training on April 28.. We will be assigned to the Visitors Center there, and we're not sure what that entails. A friend who was there a year ago said they work the missionaries very hard there, day and night. We told him we were just going for a nice long vacation and hope to have a large apartment so we can entertain all our friends who come to the visit and take them to the Temple.I'm not sure what we will learn at the MTC. If they ask me to drive their horses I don't need to be language trained. I already know the names of their horses from listening to my Dad years ago. I even know the names of most of the cows we pen  working at the livestock auction!!


Our son in law Blake Dance had a very serious heart attack last night while watching the wrestling matches in Rexburg.Luckily his best friends son who was wrestling knew how to give him CPR [an Eagle Scout} and revived him until the medics got there and took him to the hospital in Rexburg. They life flighted him to Idaho Falls where they stabilized him , gave him an angiogram treatment and installed a Stint in his heart at the point of blockage. This morning they reported he is awake and wondering what happened. The whole process seemed familiar to me, and I was glad not to be on the recieving end this time.We are especially grateful for a strong supportive family  and that the Lord has answered our prayers.Especially at a time  like this we realize how important friends and family are  and thank you for your prayers in behalf of Blake and Linda.


We surely appreciate each of you and the contribution you have made to our lives. May the Lord continue to bless you for your kindness.


Love           Rulon and Marlene 


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