Yes, Barry is Hungry... For news stories. And frankly, he needs a lot of help...

You know, [I'm switching to first person now] there are so many newsworthy things that are constantly happening in our family, and it would be so very, very worthwile if they were chronicled on this site.

But I just have too much going on anymore to write stories on a regular basis. I had so much fun writing stories in the past, but I just can't keep up with it. The problem is that I'm the only one who can post to this site. If other people could post stories by themselves, then I think we'd see a great thing happening. Here is what I propose:

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Important Announcement:

1. I just learned how to make it so that other people can post to this site!! I haven't known how to do this before, and I haven't wanted to because of the complexity of my file system that lies underneath this site. It's a doozie -- something like a house of cards. I haven't wanted anyone else to be able to access these files, because it's easy to get lost in them and make the cards come crashing down, so to speak. But today I learned how to make it so that just one portion of the site (for now, the news stories) is available to anyone that wants to go in and post something through FTP!!

I'd LOVE it if anyone wanted to do this. Just contact me and I'll help you get started. It would involve Microsoft Word, a free FTP program, and only a little bit of practice with tables and understanding a little bit about the filing system. It's actually very easy, especially since there would be no need to deal with the overall file infrastructure of the site.

2. Here is another option if you do not want to post things yourself: Open up a new Microsoft Word document. Insert pictures and add captions as you wish. Save the file in the "Web Page" (HTML) format, and send it to me or someone else that could post it. For that matter, it might be nice to vote for someone in the family to be the official news person -- someone that could be in charge of it. Any nominations?

3. Any other suggestions? I really want this site to work in a collaborative fashion, as I believe you all do, too. I'd appreciate your input. A big part of my motivation behind this is to chronicle Mom and Dad's mission experience. That's something I'm working on. If someone else could take the reins with the news stories, then I could work on helping them get their photojournal entries posted.


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